Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17 continued

I arrived in Riding Mountain National Park in the morning, after exploring I went to Dauphin for lunch and to get checked into my motel room.  Now, it is time to head back into the park.  I will be visiting many of the same spots and maybe even taking the same pictures – but there will be a difference in lighting between the morning and the afternoon.

First stop was a new one for this trip and I am not sure if it has a name or not.  It is a hill with the red chairs and picnic table at the top.  A hawk of some kind flew over while was up there and the rest of the pictures are the views from the top.

Next stop was Moon Lake again.  I took a bit of a walk along the trail this time.

Grayling Lake was my next stop.

Next on our tour is to head for the Bison enclosure, which usually means (for me) a short stop as Aspens to take some pictures. Then the drive from there to see the Bison.

First critter in the Bison enclosure was a Hawk.  Took a couple of pictures of him and then found some Bison.  After leaving the enclosure, I saw another Hawk – might have even been the same bird, but no way of knowing.

There were opportunities on the drive back out to #10 to get more pictures and as well as some fall foliage, I found a beautiful Wood Duck.

Then, it was time to head back to Spruces to wait for the sunset.  Of course, I would spend some time wandering around taking pictures while waiting.  I also took a short walk on the trail from there too.

There were absolutely no clouds in the sky and when none appeared as the sun was going down, I decided that there wouldn’t be much of a sunset to watch or take pictures of.  I got the sun between branches, but it really isn’t the same as a sunset that colours the entire sky.  So, a few minutes before the sun actually set, I decided to leave in the hopes that I might find some critters on the drive back to the motel.

I had hardly been on the road when critters appeared.  A couple of Moose cows were on the side of the road.  It was getting dark already, so the pictures aren’t great, but they are recognizable.

I was stopped quite a distance from them and zooming in, but with other cars whizzing by, they both headed back into the bush.  I moved up a bit and could see them, but just too many branches and twigs in the way to get any decent pictures of them.

Shortly after this, I saw some movement right at the side of the road, so started to slow down.  As I approached, I could see a Coyote race into the bush.

Back to Dauphin where I got something to eat and went to sleep.

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