Day 2 continued – Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17

When the Moose had moved on, I said good-bye to Anne and continued towards the Bison enclosure.  I was looking at the beautiful fall colours as I entered and after going around a bend in the road, it was suddenly foggy.  The tall grasses were interesting in the fog with the frost still on them – so I took a few pictures.

Next, I found a couple of Bison in the fog.

I continued on, thinking I might make another loop and suddenly I was not in the fog, but I could see fog up ahead.

When I got back to the Bison, they were out of the fog.

Now, it is time to head to Spruces (taking pictures along the way).

It is a nice morning for more pictures at Spruces.

Now heading towards Clear Lake, but stopped for a deer.

Back to the drive to Clear Lake with my last stop at the Wishing Well  road.

Since I haven’t seen a bear yet, I took a picture of one in town (kind of hoping that might bring one out on my drive).

DSCN9103 (800x796)

Then I walked over to the Marsh.  On the way, I found a Robin and also found a lookout over the Marsh.  It looks fairly new and I don’t remember it being there before.

The boardwalk was dry and was great for walking on, so next pictures are from there.

I know the Canada Geese and the Mallard Ducks, but do not know what the other ducks are here.  If you know, please let me know.  🙂

Back on the #19 and heading for home.

I’ll be back!

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