Day 2 – Riding Mountain National Park – Oct 17

Today is my 2nd and last day in the park for this trip, so I was up before dawn to get breakfast at Tim Hortons next door to the motel.  I noticed the moon when walking over there and decided to get a picture before leaving for the park.  There had been frost overnight, so it was a little chilly.

DSCN8961 (800x600)

Next stop – Moon Lake in the fog.  I thought I might see the moon at Moon Lake, but it wasn’t showing through the fog.

Actually, it was foggy towards the lake, but not when I turned around to look the other direction.  Now on to Grayling Lake where I hoped to see the sunrise.

It wasn’t foggy at Grayling – but there was a mist coming off the water.  The sky was perfectly clear – not a cloud in sight.   I realized that the sunrise would not be much without the fog or clouds, so decided to head for the Bison enclosure next – with a stop at Aspens again where I got my sunrise.

Back on the road, heading towards the Bison, I saw 2 deer, who quickly moved on when I came to a stop.  I took a picture anyway and one can be seen, although not identified unless you know – LOL.

DSCN8999 (800x600)

Then a few more views along the road.

As I came around a corner, I saw a vehicle stopped and a lady had her camera pointed across the road in front of me.  I slowed down but continued, to find out what she was looking at.  Then when I was almost even with her, she held up her hand to indicate stop and I did.  As I noticed the beautiful big Moose coming out of the bush, she turned to me and said “hi Mavis”.  I looked at her, but did not recognize her and she was looking at the Moose, so I started snapping pictures too.  Then she said “I’m Anne”, which made sense.  Anne is on the Facebook page for Riding Mountain National Park, and she has some great wildlife pictures but she doesn’t have a picture of herself on Facebook.  I was very lucky to be seeing this Moose with her.

I guess I will have to continue this morning onto another day also.  I still have quite a few pictures to show.

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