Looking for Colour

I go on this little walk along the Seine River often, and many time I don’t even bring a camera – I just walk and enjoy the nature.  Today I brought my little camera to see if there is any colour left on the trees and bushes, while looking for critters and whatever else I find.  It is a beautiful day and the little bit of snow we had a few days ago has gone.

First, the walk along my side of the Seine River towards the pedestrian bridge where I cross over to the other side of the river.  Most of the colour here is when I looked back towards my apartment building.

The river from both sides of the bridge, then a couple of Canada Geese flying by followed by a look back at the bridge from the path on the other side.

Not much red showing up on the pictures so far – so I started actively looking for some red to go with the greens & yellows.

This Grey Squirrel stopped and posed nicely until I had the camera zoomed in a bit and they he decided to move out of the way.

2017-10-16 Oct 16 17 018 (800x518)

Some red Oak Tree leaves, the beautiful blue sky through the bare trees, a quiet little spot along the trail and what looks like a beaver has been working on the start of a dam.

Mallard Ducks relaxing on the river.

This Mallard hen struck a nice pose for me as one of the boys swam past.

2017-10-16 Oct 16 17 034 (800x599)

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