A Couple of Days

Late one afternoon a couple of days ago, some of the Whitetail Deer that are around my apartment building came and spent some time in the field outside my window.  The young ones are hard to tell from the adults now, but it looks like the Moms are still a bit taller – although not by much.  I’ve only noticed 1 young buck so far as he has little stubs where his antlers are starting to grow.

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 001 (800x516)

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 003 (711x800)

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 004 (743x800)

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 006 (800x445)

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 007 (800x600)

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 008 (800x600)

2017-10-18 Oct 19 17 009 (800x695)

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  I am often there volunteering, but can not carry my camera with me then and can only take pictures with my phone.  It takes decent pictures, but does not zoom in as much as I would like.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but did take a few.  🙂

2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 001 (800x700)
The very handsome bull Elk.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 003 (800x750)
I can’t remember what kind of Owl this is in the Kinsmen Discovery Centre.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 004 (800x600)
The adorable little Meerkat gave me a grumpy look as he posed for a picture.

We found several Polar Bears in the Journey to Churchill – but not in the building – they were out on the Tundra having fun.

2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 005 (800x580)
Polar Bear in front is dripping wet as he just got out of the pool.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 006 (800x601)
Then he dove back in.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 007 (800x601)
Then the guy in the back looked up and seemed to be saying “Good – he’s gone”
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 010 (800x598)
From the Tundra Grill window, we watched this bear enjoying a pumpkin.

2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 011 (800x666)

2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 013 (800x503)
This bear was deciding which way to go.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 014 (800x599)
One Tiger was wide awake but I realized I cut his mouth off.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 015 (800x600)
So, I took another one – but he blinked.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 017 (800x600)
The other one was sound asleep, so I zoomed in on his nose.  🙂
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 019 (786x800)
The Gibbons were out foraging in the grass.

After covering the whole zoo, we decided we needed lunch and since I was also planning on turning in the ticket stubs from the raffle tickets I sold for them, I suggested the Buffalo Stone Cafe at Fort Whyte Alive.  So, we ate lunch there and wandered around outside a bit after that.

2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 020 (800x600)
Burrowing Owl in the burrow.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 021 (800x599)
Three Mallard Ducks with a Muskrat behind them.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 022 (800x601)
Then I zoomed in on the Muskrat.
2017-10-19 Oct 19 17 023 (800x600)
Last picture for the day was this Canada Goose with an injured wing.

I had planned on stopping at the desk to see if they were aware of this goose, but completely forgot until I looked at my pictures.  I will give them a call this morning.  It is quite possible that they are aware and are monitoring him or have planned a capture to get him to the wildlife rescue.

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