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RMNP is of course Riding Mountain National Park.  This is most likely my last trip for the year, since winter is now getting very close.

A friend (Debbie F) who I met on the FaceBook page for RMNP had talked about taking a trip there together when she had some days off work and this week was when she had those days off.  We booked 2 nights at the same motel I had been at before and on Tuesday we set off.  We don’t live in the same city, but both places are about the same distance, so we agreed to meet at a town that is a little more 1/2 way there.

On the way to Neepawa (where we were meeting), I stopped to take a picture of the sunrise.  It wasn’t too exciting, but I do love the sunrises.  I also stopped at Gladstone for a picture of the Happy Rock.

From Neepawa we each drove our own cars, but traveled together the rest of the way to the park.  There is a home all decorated for Halloween on the way, so we both took some pictures there.

I took a few pictures as we turned from Highway 5 onto Highway #19 which has the east entrance into RMNP.  Then more pictures as we approached the East Gate.

We took our time driving Along #19, stopping to take pictures as we went.  First stop was the overlook.  The tree was there and I just thought it looked interesting with the nice blue sky.

We stopped at Swanson Creek twice, since it crosses the road twice  as well as Whirlpool River and also took pictures at  a couple of other general views as we drove.

We reached Highway 10 without having seen any critters and then headed for The Bison enclosure – leaving my vehicle in the parking lot near the highway.  Jackfish Creek is on the way in and as always we stop at any water to see if any critters are around.  As usual today there are none to be seen.

We entered the Bison enclosure, drove around a bit and decided to go out one of the exits to see where it went.  We found another river, and although we didn’t see any critters, we did find beaver dams.

Then we turned around to find some Bison.  These guys had no problem posing for us

We found 3 White-tail Deer in the enclosure, but they weren’t interesting in giving us nice poses like some of the Bison did.  So – just one quick photo so you can see them hiding on the grass & bushes.

DSCN9331 (800x599) (2)

After driving all the way out (without seeing any more critters than we did on the drive in), we headed over to the Wishing Well to get more photos.  I found some Black Bear buddies and a Bald Eagle high in a tree.  🙂  They look familiar though, so I might have met them before.

Then I picked up my car and we headed to Moon Lake to meet up with another friend – Debbie C – who brought a picnic lunch for us to Moon Lake.  This was the first time that we had met this Debbie, but we have chatted on the RMNP FaceBook page a few times before.

Amazingly enough Debbie F managed to stay out of all the pictures taken with my camera.  She would hand me her camera and as soon as I snapped a picture, she moved to avoid me taking one with my camera.  I’ll get her back tomorrow though.

Time to head to Dauphin to check into our motel.  Just Bison, Deer and Debbie sightings today.


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