Back to RMNP – Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, Debbie and I were up early, grabbed breakfast at Timmies and headed into the park for the sunrise at Grayling Lake.  I have taken some great sunrise pictures there in the past.  Today we left Debbie’s car in Dauphin and just went in mine for the day.

We hadn’t reached Grayling before the sun was rising on the highway – but the trees were in the way for much of a shot.  I remember from another time that even though the sun was up everywhere else, it is much later at Grayling, so we kept going.  We did get there before the sun rose.

A tree had fallen across the path to the dock, but we stepped over it and got ready for the sun.

Debbie was busy looking at other things, but I was watching the sun rise.  She says she was getting pictures of a Muskrat, but I haven’t seen any Muskrat pictures.  😉

A Gray Jay (Whiskey Jack) distracted me for a minute or two also.

DSCN9358 (800x599)

We stuck around until the sun had completely risen, but it just didn’t have the colour that we had seen from the road earlier.  One last look at the dock past the fallen tree and we decided to move on.

Bison Enclosure was next.  We stopped at the observation hut this time and could see quite a few over in the same area we had seen a few of them yesterday, so we got back in the car to drive over there.

DSCN9369 (800x334)

We met this little Coyote shortly after getting into the car and he seemed curious about us and my car.

DSCN9372 (800x617)

I only got these 2 shots and then he went behind the car (after sniffing or licking a tire).

DSCN9373 (800x576)

He stayed behind the car for a minute so neither of us could see him and then he started walking away behind, so I moved the car for  Debbie to get parting shots of him.  Later when we stopped and got out of the car, I could see dirt marks on the trunk indicating that he had put his paws up on the back of the car.

Then – on to the Bison.

Two White-tail Deer were just past the Bison today, and they were much better than the ones yesterday for posing.

We stopped on the road after leaving the Bison enclosure for a couple of bare tree pictures and then another picture of the reflections on the lake.

A Gray Jay (Whiskey Jack) was missing having campers and treats available and seemed to be hoping that we would have something for him.  We didn’t though.

Next birdie buddy was a Magpie searching for something to eat in the ditch.

One of our plans for the day was to walk a very short trail, just to get the idea of trails.  The Boreal Trail near Moon Lake is about as short as they can get, so that seemed like a good idea for our first trail.  We both just mainly drive and take pictures from the car or at the lakes where we stop and park to walk in.

It turned out to be a fun trail to walk and only took about 20 minutes, but due to the winds lately, there were several trees blocking the path that we had to climb over, under or walk around.  I didn’t take pictures of the downed trees – but did get some pics on the trail.

Then we stopped at the walking tree for another picture.

DSCN9441 (600x800)

We stopped at a guardrail along the road that gave a nice lookout.  I was wishing I had stopped here a few weeks ago when there would have been some beautiful colours out there.  It was still nice to look over the area though.

One beautiful sight just below us were these flowers – still blooming.

DSCN9445 (711x800)

It was cloudy and didn’t look like the possibility of sunset pictures again tonight, so we headed back to our room and had our dinner at Timmies.  Unfortunately the forecast for tonight is a winter storm with snow and wind gusts.



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