Back to RMNP – Heading Home

Well – the forecast was right and I found that the cars were covered in snow in the morning.  After brushing it off and warming the car up a bit, I decided to go to McDonalds for breakfast and wait for the sun to make things a bit brighter for travel.  The snow was still coming down and blowing so I knew it wasn’t going to be a fun drive home.

It was getting close to 8:00 am before I decided to head out.  The roads were not plowed yet, but vehicles had been driving, so I could just follow the tracks left by others.  The roads were worse in the park as fewer people had been through there and it looked as if  more snow had fallen.  Often there was just 1 set of tracks, which meant I had to move over when vehicles were coming from the other direction.

Finally I met a plow that was clearing the northbound lane, so I could just move over and drive south on it – still moving over when meeting other traffic.  It was at this point when I decided I could just pull over onto my side and stop to take pictures.  Much as I dislike snow, I have to admit that it certainly does look pretty when it is freshly fallen.  I certainly would have preferred to be driving without the blowing snow and reduced visibility though.

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 003 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 004 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 005 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 006 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 007 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 008 (800x587) (2)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 009 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 010 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 011 (800x383)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 012 (800x392)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 013 (800x600)

2017-10-26 Oct 26 17 014 (800x550)

Once I was out of the park, the road was more traveled, but that really meant more slippery for awhile.  After I passed a sanding truck heading the opposite direction, it was much better.

I decided to take a slightly longer route home and head straight south on #10 highway to Brandon and would then drive the #1 highway all the way to Winnipeg.  Actually #10 highway was very good after passing the turnoff for #16 highway, which would have been the shortest drive home.  At Brandon I stopped for gas and people were asking me where I found the snow as they had hardly had any there.  The highway from then on was smooth and dry and I was home in good time.

Absolutely no critters were seen today.

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