Chickadees Found Me

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ll know that I made a  Chickadee friend at my last apartment, where I had a balcony to put food out for him.  He was affectionately called St. Peanut because in one of his first pictures  his head was bowed in front of a peanut.

I don’t have a balcony in this apartment, but there are plenty of Chickadees around, so I bought a window feeder.  There is a small window beside the window that opens in my kitchen and by removing the screen and opening the window, I have a place to stick this feeder.

It sat there for about 2 months without being touched, but at that time of year there is plenty of natural food for them, so I wasn’t too worried.  After the first bit of snow fell, they started coming.  I don’t even know how many there are.  Only 1 at a time shows up, but another one often lands a couple of seconds after the one before left.

Unfortunately for me, taking the pictures through the glass and through the plastic of the feeder and often the suction cups means I am not getting good shots.  I do enjoy watching them come and go and sometimes it is a constant coming and going.  They do their Chickadee call often and I smile every time, even when I’m not watching.

I have a chair right at the window, so often they are just a few inches away from me as they come and go, but to take pictures, I usually stand back a few feet to zoom in.

Although I will continue to try and take pictures, I may not show as many poor pictures again as I’ll show you today.  I might just have to learn how to manually focus my auto focus camera.

Anyway – these are this morning’s pictures – the good (not many) and the bad (most of them).

I also noticed this morning that a couple of House Sparrows were interested in the feeder today.  They didn’t get brave enough to actually come to the feeder, but they did land on the window sill and then perch in a nearby tree for pictures.  I don’t want 100 or so House Sparrows coming to my window, so hopefully they will move on to another feeder.

I tried to open the window after taking these pictures to brush the snow off the top of the feeder.  But, the window would not open.  It looks like ice has built up on the window sill and this window cranks open from the bottom.  I am sure this ice will melt (at least I hope it does), but there is a long winter ahead of us and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep the feeder filled.

Before posting this I decided to try sitting at my window seat with my phone camera aimed at the feeder and got some better pictures this way.  I had tried my phone before without much luck.  They still aren’t great – but better focused than most of the regular camera pictures.  No zoom was required for these pics!  🙂

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    1. Thanks Irene. I enjoy the little birds, so I’m happy to have them visit. Thanks for the suggestion of the hairdryer – another friend already suggested that to me on facebook also, but for today, the sun melted it (my window is south facing). I will remember that for next time, since the winter has hardly begun yet.

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