Snowy Day Thoughts

It is snowing.

The sun is not shining.

It is not cold (-6C really isn’t cold).

Enough thinking for one day.  Let’s look at the pictures I took instead.  🙂

My view through the window at night (when it just started snowing)

2017-11-14 Nov 15 17 002 (800x600)

A similar view this morning (still snowing).

2017-11-15 Nov 15 17 001 (800x600)

No one is sitting on the bench or the picnic table out in the field and it has been days since I have seen any of my deer friends out there.

I found a House Sparrow perched in a tree near my window.

2017-11-15 Nov 15 17 004 (800x600)
He seems to be looking at me.

And then the Chickadees came and I was busy snapping pictures of the little guys coming and going quickly from the feeder.  I am not sure how many of them are here, but they are all called St. Peanut  🙂  and they like peanuts.

2011-01-07 Nov 15 17 004 (800x707)
He has a snowflake just above his beak  🙂
2011-01-07 Nov 15 17 012 (800x532)
He turned his head, but I can see the piece of peanut in his beak.
2011-01-07 Nov 15 17 018 (800x453)
Getting another peanut!
2011-01-07 Nov 15 17 023 (800x532)
They are soooo fast!
2011-01-07 Nov 15 17 026 (800x532)
Another peanut gone.  This looks pretty big for him.

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    1. No, but it would have been about a year ago when I started posting pics of snow for the year. We will have snow here until April – so there will be plenty more snow pics to come.

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