Quiet Morning Walk

Although I often show pictures of this walk along the Seine River, I do walk if very often without my camera.  I decided to bring the camera on a snowy morning walk this morning.

I haven’t seen any of the White-tail Deer that I watched all summer long and decided to see if I could find them.  Unfortunately, I did not, but I enjoyed watching and listening to the little Chickadees and the abundant Squirrels (both Red and Grey).

First is the walk from my apartment along the Seine River to the pedestrian bridge over the river.  There is some open water along the way.

On the bridge, I took a couple of pictures looking South (2nd pic is zoomed in to the bend), then a couple of pictures of a Chickadee who was chirping in the tree and a picture to the north with a zoom in of the critter tracks near the bridge.

I took what is usually the dirt trail that goes right along the river after crossing the bridge.  The open water here is the same spot that I took from the other side.

There was a pumpkin on the river and it seems to be quite popular with the little critters who left their tracks coming and going.

Because the Seine River winds back and forth a bit, there is a place where the path goes away from it for awhile and doesn’t meet up with it again until we come out at one of the main roads.  I’ve often thought about just going through the bush to follow the river – but in the summer we have plenty of mosquitoes and wood ticks, so I’ve just kept to the path.  The path obviously doesn’t deter the mosquitoes, but it is easier to avoid the wood ticks.  I guess others  want to follow the river also, and a new trail has opened up in the winter that does follow it.  It wasn’t a great trail, since I had to duck under branches and walk over downed trees, but it was different.

When I came out at Bishop Grandin, I turned right to follow the paved path back to the pedestrian bridge and back to the apartment.   Twice along my walk this morning, I stopped and talked to people walking their dogs, so I got some puppy love.  One lady also told me that friends of hers had seen a Coyote this morning along the river and she was a little nervous walking with her little dog.  I was hoping to see the Coyote too, but did not.  Squirrels and Chickadees were all the wildlife I saw today and the Squirrels refused to stop to pose for pictures.

The sun was absent for the walk, but it was a balmy -2C with a windchill that brought it down a bit more.  In the bush, I didn’t feel the wind anyway.

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