Fort Whyte Alive Walk

I didn’t really go to Fort Whyte prepared this morning (meaning I did not have my good camera with me), but I went anyway.  I always have my phone and my little pocket Nikon and I was out already after having my regular Saturday morning breakfast at the Red Top and a visit with my Mom.

I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife, but the snow adds a difference in the walk, so I took a few pictures as I went.

2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 002 (800x600)
One of the boardwalks through a lake.
2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 004 (800x600)
Wildlife!  🙂
2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 006 (800x600)
Tall grasses still have their heads
2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 007 (800x591)
Bullrushes and more tall grass
2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 008 (800x599)
Many of you will understand that my first thought when I saw these trees leaning was that Elephants may have had something to do with it.


2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 015 (600x800)

Trails and Trees

2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 018 (600x800)
Bat House or is it Bat Man’s house?
2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 025 (800x599)
My surprise wildlife.  Ducks – lots of Ducks!
2017-11-25 Nov 25 17 026 (800x600)
Zoomed in, it looks like all Mallard Ducks

There is a spring right around there, which is why the water is open.  But, this much won’t stay open all winter so I hope the Ducks have made other arrangements.  Wonder if they’re just waiting until they are sure that hunting season is over.

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