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Welcome to December.  It is hard to believe that we have reached the last month of another year and that next month will be 2018.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

Every Saturday, I have breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant, which is very close to where my old house was.  It used to be a 2 minute walk to get there, but now it is a 15 minute drive.  They have just had their windows painted up for Christmas and right at my table, is Rudy, the red-nosed Reindeer.


My little Chickadee buddies (all named St. Peanut since I can’t tell them apart) were in full force at my feeder the other day.  They nicely took turns so only one was at the feeder at a time, but hardly a second passed between each one coming.  I have no idea how many there actually were, but they sure kept me entertained while snapping pictures.

These little guys are not concerned about me sitting right AT the window, but the House Sparrows do not come when I am there.  The Sparrows will perch on the nearby tree and wait for me to leave.  I would rather have the  Chickadees though because they pick a seed and fly away to eat it, whereas the Sparrows will sit at the feeder eating and making a mess by dropping the shells either in the feeder or over the edge, where a neighbour in the apartment under me might get it on their window ledge.

I took a picture this morning of my setup for taking pictures so you know what I mean by being right AT the window.

2017-12-02 Dec 2 17 002 (800x600)


On Cyber Monday (December 27th), I ordered myself a Google Home Mini.  This will be my Christmas gift to myself and I hope it will be fun and handy to have.  I don’t have any of the smart home type things where I can have it turn lights on or off and adjust the thermostat but I am more interested in having it keep track of my schedule and giving me reminders.  It can also play music and answer questions and tell jokes or give me the weather and traffic conditions.  It was 1/2 price on the day I ordered it and I am looking forward to it’s arrival.  When I ordered it, it gave me a delivery date of Dec 6, which is this coming Wednesday.  I got the notice it was shipped on Nov 28 along with a tracking link to Canada Post.  It is now December 2nd and the Canada Post link still says they have not received it.   Here is a link for Google Home Mini.  I hope it arrives sometime this year.  Apparently the link might take you somewhere else and I suspect it might be if you are in a country other than Canada (& maybe the U.S.).  If you just search for Google Home Mini, you should be able to find it and get details on my little toy.  🙂

I few days ago, all the tenants in this building received a notice from the management company that our Resident Manager no longer works here.  I assume he didn’t quit because I think we would have had advance notice, so he must have been fired.  Since he is a resident, he obviously lived here and he was on call 24×7 – so I don’t know if he still lives here or if he had to move out that day.  I don’t know if he got advance notice so that he could move out or not.  If not – did they come with a moving truck to move him out?  Did they arrange for a place for him to live?  I haven’t seen him here since that day, but I also do not know which suite he lived in.  Right now there is a mobile manager coming in and I wonder if that is the way they are going to keep it.  This way, one manager can cover a few buildings.  I don’t know if I will ever know the answers to my questions.

Have a GREAT DAY ! ! !

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    1. It is called Google Home Mini and I thought that would be where the link would take you. I’ll take another look and see if I can fix it Irene. Thanks for letting me know.

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      1. The link does take me right to the Google Home Mini – I wonder if it takes you somewhere else because you are in a different country? I will add a note beside the link for others who might follow it and end up somewhere else.


  1. I had to do a search of Google home mini as I had no idea what it was, but now I realised I have seen them advertised here in Australia; looks good…amazing what is being invented these days. Not long Mavis until I head off to Africa; so (so) excited.

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  2. Yes, it looks like it will be handy for a few things. I’m really excited to hear about your African adventure. I’m am sure you’ll have a wonderful time!


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