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I mentioned in my last blog that I was getting a Google Home Mini and it has now arrived.  The tracking for shipping was not updated by Canada Post until it had made it all the way to Winnipeg and onto the truck for delivery – but I was home in time to receive it.

It is not every day that I buy myself a new toy, so I was looking forward to getting to know this one.

After plugging it in I had to download the Google Home App onto my phone and then follow the prompts to get it to recognize my voice.

It seems you can ask it anything and it will come up with an answer.  You wake it up by saying either Hey Google or OK Google and then ask or tell it something.  I took a quick recording of a question and answer period I just had with it a few minutes ago. I haven’t even watched this myself because when I started to play it, the real Google mini was answering along with the one in the video, so it just got a little too confusing for both the mini and myself – LOL

This morning I said good morning and it answered with a friendly good morning and then went on to give me the weather and latest news from around the world.

Once I have my appointments entered, it will keep track of them for me and give me reminders.  As well as being fun and entertaining, it will be useful in keeping my schedule for me.  It can do short reminders – like “set a reminder for 20 minutes for my laundry”, or longer ones, like for my volunteer shifts at the zoo or lunch with a friend next week.

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  1. We can do the same things done by the google home from our google assistant activated smartphone!!!!I can’t think of any point of creating this shit

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