Ooops and Fort Whyte Alive

Saturday morning is breakfast time at the Red Top Restaurant for me and has been for years.  This morning I headed out the door a few minutes early because snow had been falling and I would have to clean the car off before heading out.  I started the car, got the brush out and cleaned it off.  When I went to open the car door to go – it was locked!

I didn’t think it was possible to lock this car when the keys were in the ignition, but I guess I must have accidentally pushed the door lock down.  I know it won’t lock with the key FOB or with the controls on the door when the key is in the ignition.  My purse, keys and phone were all in the car.   I went back to the main apartment door in the hopes I could get inside and maybe find a neighbour who is up and would let me use a phone to call CAA.  Luckily, a man soon came out and I went in.  I went up to my floor where I know more people, but the ones right by my suite were silent, so I wasn’t going to bother them.   Down the hallway, I heard a TV on and knocked on that door.  Luckily, he also has a CAA membership and used the number on his card to dial them for me.  My glasses were also in the car, so I couldn’t even dial it myself – LOL.

CAA told me it would be up to a 1/2 hour and I told them I did not have a phone, so I would just wait downstairs for them.  These wonderful neighbours even offered me a cup of coffee to have while I waited.  The CAA vehicle arrived in a little less than the 1/2 hour and I was late for breakfast, but my table was empty and waiting for me.  🙂

After breakfast, I headed over to Fort Whyte.

Tree trunks and snow just seem to go together.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 003 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 004 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 005 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 006 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 007 (800x600)

The Bison were covered in snow.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 008 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 009 (800x600)

Two pictures at my favourite little pond.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 014 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 015 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 016 (800x600)

Mallard Ducks enjoying the snow, ice and some open water.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 026 (800x721)
A Turtle inside the building.  The Burrowing Owls were not visible this morning though.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 033 (800x600)2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 034 (800x600)

Another quiet little pond (frozen over) along with a snow-covered bench.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 035 (800x705)
A tiny pine tree that will soon be buried under the snow.
2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 036 (800x600)
A Red Squirrel who was not bothered by my presence.

2017-12-16 Dec 16 17 039 (800x600)

I missed getting a picture of an Owl that flew over me.  This is the first time I’ve seen one there, but he was already past me before I saw him.  I don’t know what kind, except that it was not a Snowy Owl.


5 thoughts on “Ooops and Fort Whyte Alive

  1. Oh, what a start at your morning, Mavis. Good with kind and helpful neighbors.

    Love photos and I love to see the bison, there are so huge difference at the head sizes from female to male, that they are visible from far away. Good for the turtle to live indoor in that weather.

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  2. Thanks Irene. Yes, I am very grateful for the friendly & helpful neighbours here. 🙂 I love watching the Bison also – amazing critters. The turtles outdoors will hibernate the winter and come out just fine in the spring here. 🙂


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