After what seems like a very long time – the sky is blue and the sun is actually shining today.  I decided to take my camera on my morning walk along the Seine River.  It was about -9C with the sun just coming up and amazingly enough – there was no wind.

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There was a light frost on the tree tops so I then started zeroing in on the tops of the trees.

2017-12-17 Dec 17 17 005 (800x600)2017-12-17 Dec 17 17 006 (800x600)2017-12-17 Dec 17 17 008 (800x600)2017-12-17 Dec 17 17 009 (800x600)2017-12-17 Dec 17 17 010 (800x600)

It was such a light frost that it didn’t really show it on most of the pictures, but it was still pretty.

2017-12-17 Dec 17 17 007 (800x600)
This old tree stump has made it into my pictures in the summer, so I thought a winter view of it would be nice.

Christmas Cactus plants seem to be available everywhere this time of year and for a reasonable price, so I picked one up for myself the other day.  It is just a little plant, but seems to have 3 stems and it is if full of buds.  Some of the buds are very light and I am wondering if there will be different coloured flowers coming soon.

2011-01-01 Dec 13 17 001 (800x532)
This picture was taken when I got it a few days ago.  You can see the buds in front and some much lighter ones in the back.

2011-01-01 Dec 17 17 001 (800x532)2011-01-01 Dec 17 17 003 (800x532)

The last 2 pictures were taken in the sunshine this morning with the red flowers and showing the lighter buds beside more red buds.  The first of the lighter ones should be opening soon as one of them is quite large already.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine!

  1. Beautiful and cold morning walk, as you had Mavis 🙂
    If you wish your cactus to grow really big and bloom again again, then you should think about transplanting it into an at least double sized pot. Then the roots will spread fast, even if it is winter and you will get a huge beautiful cactus in the coming year. They can get very old, just we don’t either drown or dry them too much.

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