Happy New Year

We are ending 2017 with the coldest temperatures that we have seen in many, many years and starting 2018 with the same very cold temperatures.  With the windchill (and luckily there isn’t much wind) we are around -40C and if you have temperatures in Fahrenheit it is still -40F.

For a couple of days in between Christmas and the New Year it warmed up enough to snow and now the nasty cold weather is back.

It has been a few years since it has been this cold and what I used to do is make a virtual trip to Dallas, Texas – which according to Google is a 24 hour drive from Winnipeg – straight south.  I have never actually done this drive other than virtually, but I did a series of blog posts a few years ago that fooled several people into thinking I had really done this.  By the way – it wasn’t this cold when I wrote these posts.

There are 4 posts, which are linked at the bottom if you are interested in reading it.  You can find the first one here.

My Chickadee buddy St. Peanut has been coming to my little window feeder often.  He needs food to stay warm and it is also a nice sunny place to perch in the nearby trees to eat.

DSC01538 (687x800)

DSC01540 (689x800)

DSC01545 (800x523)

DSC01548 (800x745)

I love to hear his cheerful little call as he announces his arrival.

This morning’s cold weather helped produce a sun dog in the sky, so I took a picture of it.

DSCN9838 (600x800)

Unless something happens, I probably won’t be sitting down to write tomorrow, so I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and

MWSnap012 2017-12-30

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Lovely close ups of your little friend and I cannot even think how cold it is, -3 is enough for me. Happy New Year and hopefully it will be a peaceful one 🙂 Lynne (Blosslyn)

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  2. Happy New Year, Mavis 😀
    Uhh, it sounds more than cold, where you live. 6 years ago in the winter, just before I left Denmark, we were down at -25 C. at it was really cold. Here we can go down to 0 C. but not more right here, where I live.

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