Walking with the Deer

After seeing the White-tailed Deer outside my apartment window all summer and fall, I was disappointed to realize that they would be hidden for most of the winter.  My walks along the Seine River did not help me locate them – until today.  🙂

While walking along the trail on the opposite side of the bank, I finally saw 1 White-tail Deer crossing the river just in front of me.  She didn’t make it easy for me, but I was able to get one picture of her.

DSCN2065 (800x599)

Then 2 more does bounded across the river and up the bank on my side without slowing down, but I did manage to get a picture of one of them.

DSCN2067 (800x599)

I am guessing they are the same 3 does that had 2 fawns each, last summer and that I watched grow up.

Then, still on the other side were 2 young ones who are most likely 2 of the ones I watched growing up on the field outside my window.

These 2 were cautious, but did not appear to be afraid like their mother(s).  Unfortunately, they will soon learn that people can not be trusted, but I was glad they stayed with me and even crossed the river within easy sight of me.  Well – easy, except for all the trees in between us – but they were aware that I was there and I was talking to them all the time I snapped the following pictures.

DSCN2066 (800x599)DSCN2068 (800x599)DSCN2069 (800x439)DSCN2071 (800x577) (2)DSCN2072 (800x546)DSCN2073 (800x615)DSCN2074 (800x599)DSCN2075 (800x596)DSCN2076 (800x599)

DSCN2077 (800x588)
One even took the time to nibble on some of the twigs while keeping an eye on me.

DSCN2078 (800x594)DSCN2080 (800x599)DSCN2081 (800x599)DSCN2082 (800x599)

It was so nice to see them again.

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