Chilly Day at the Zoo

We were spoiled with a few warmer than usual temperatures earlier this week and the sudden drop in temperature along with a higher wind and snow sure hit hard this morning.  But, I was scheduled to be volunteering at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, and that is where I was going.

I bundled up and headed out.  They are very good to us volunteers and although we are assigned to an area, they make it very clear that we are to get inside to warm up frequently and they have no problem if we move to other areas.  The inside areas are scattered around the zoo making it easy to move from one to another and still be pretty much in the areas assigned.

We also go outside our areas to check on particular critters if we want to.  As long as we are greeting people and directing them where they want to go, we do get to enjoy ourselves also.  I didn’t actually see very many people there this morning though – one man who was just passing through the city and decided to come to the zoo, one lady with her adorable daughter who needed to get out of the house, and then as I was leaving, a man & woman who had just arrived.

I went to Toucan Ridge to check in on the Squirrel Monkeys – adorable as ever, but I didn’t take any pictures of them.  The Toucan and one of the Red Pandas did pose for pictures though.

IMG_1258 (751x800)

IMG_1263 (800x600)

IMG_1266 (800x600)

Then over the the Journey to Churchill where I did see all the Wolves, but they were too far away for a phone photo.  The Polar Bears were fun as they enjoyed the weather and I managed several pictures of them.  This guy got in the most pictures though all by himself.

IMG_1269 (800x590)

IMG_1270 (800x532)

IMG_1271 (800x568)

IMG_1272 (800x440)

IMG_1273 (800x479)

IMG_1277 (800x600)

IMG_1278 (800x600)

IMG_1279 (800x600)

IMG_1280 (800x600)

IMG_1281 (800x600)

I should have taken a video!  Then – the other bears.

IMG_1275 (800x599)

IMG_1282 (800x599)

IMG_1283 (800x599)IMG_1285 (800x599)IMG_1286 (800x599)

The next picture might be the bear on top of the rocks (above), because that is just above the pool at the tunnel.  I could barely see him from the tunnel, and he is quite distorted because of the wind and the water – but it is kind of an abstract picture and you might see him in it.  🙂  As far as I know, he never did dive in.

IMG_1295 (601x800)

Then the beautiful Percheron Horses had the farrier over to remove and replace their shoes today.  He looked after Bob and Tom before I got there, but I was able to watch Flame having his pedicure.  🙂  I can tell you that Bob and Tom were not as cooperative with the farrier as Flame was.

IMG_1297 (701x800)

IMG_1298 (658x800)

IMG_1300 (600x800)


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