My Chickadee Buddy – St. Peanut (and friends)

Earlier this month when I went house/dog sitting for a few day, I left plenty of food in the bird feeder to keep the Chickadees well fed while I was gone.  I hoped there was enough food anyway because the House Sparrows could have come for a feast also.

When I returned I was surprised to see that the feeder was still more than 1/2 full and there was no sign that the sparrows had been here at all.  The sparrows eat right at the feeder and leave the shells covering the seeds, but all was clean.

For several days, I did not see any birds at all and wondered where they all went.  The day I returned was an extremely cold and windy day, so I just figured they were hiding in the bushes next to the Seine River and they would be back – but until a couple of days ago, there were no birds at all coming to my feeder.

Now, they are back – both the Chickadees (they are all named St. Peanut) and the House Sparrows!

DSC01597 (800x746)

DSC01600 (632x800)

DSC01601 (645x800)

DSC01602 (771x800)

DSC01603 (763x800)

DSC01604 (800x780)

DSCN9891 (800x777)

DSCN9892 (800x599)

I have to go out and get more seeds now.

8 thoughts on “My Chickadee Buddy – St. Peanut (and friends)

      1. I know what you mean. We have a Robin in our garden and I always worry when he is missing from the bird table, incase next doors cat has had an early dinner, but he always come back 🙂

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  1. They are so cute! I have a sparrow nest right at my window. And pigeons and doves usually knock in the window during winter when everything is covered by snow if they don’t find food 🙂

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