Nice Day for a Walk

Thursday was a beautiful day here with the sun shining and the temperatures around the 0C mark.  Generally the weather in January is more in the -30C to -40C and I only go outside when necessary.

I have to take advantage of the nice weather, and where better to go than Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg.  I haven’t been seeing many deer around this winter, but my luck was about to change.

I didn’t even try to count how many deer were in between the 2 buildings at the beginning of my walk, but there were over a dozen for sure.  Most of them disappeared in the 1/2 hour of so of the first part of my walk as a school bus was pulling up.  Later I saw the group at the toboggan slide and skating rink, which is also between the two buildings.

I took a picture of the skating rink before anyone arrived to use it.

DSCN9904 (800x581)

There had only been one other car in the parking lot when I pulled up and these people were still at the desk as I entered with my membership – so I was the only one on the trails at the beginning.  It was so lovely and peaceful!

I took one scenic shot that I like.

DSCN9931 (800x600)

I saw 2 more deer after I finished walking the first part of the trail and was heading over to the other side where the Bison enclosure is.  I was quite close to the first one (who was quite young) and she was cautious, but not too worried as I talked to her.  She kept some branches and a sign in between us though.  🙂  I believe the one a little deeper in the bush is her mother.   These deer are not tame.  They are wild, but they are accustomed to seeing people when they are here.

I took a couple of pictures along the big lake where I have seen ducks on my previous visits.  The open water is much smaller now and no ducks were visible when I was there.

I knew the Bison were close to the treehouse, so I climbed up there to get some pictures of these big beautiful critters.

As I was heading out, I took a quick stop at the teepee, which obviously doesn’t provide much protection from our winters.

DSCN9959 (535x800)

DSCN9960 (800x718)

In real life, I am sure they had a cover over the door, but the vent at the top would have to be left open I believe to vent the fire inside.

5 thoughts on “Nice Day for a Walk

  1. Excellent post Mavis. I have just returned from walking my dogs (a slow one ) and it’s 28 degrees with a high of 34 today. I much prefer your weather but not those huge minuses.


  2. Thanks Sue. Your temperatures are too hot for me too. Although I don’t like our nasty cold winters, at least we can just put on a warmer coat and keep going usually. Summers are perfect here with mid 20’s – that is my kind of weather. 🙂


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