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For a year starting around the end of 2016, I participated in a photo a day challenge.  It was fun, so I decided to repeat it, this time starting on January 1st, so there was a more distinct start and end to the year.  I am not repeating the pictures – just the challenge, which may include some similar pictures.

I was slightly over the year by the time I completed that one and I may be again this time, but hopefully I can get each day posted on time.  In 2017 I went on my vacation to Kruger National Park and I was not able to post from there with no internet connection, but I doubled up my posts when I got home by posting one from the vacation and one from the present.  I am not sure where I lost the other days – but  it all worked out.

So, as of now, I have posted 28 days in this challenge.


At the same time, I also started a photo a week challenge.  This one has a challenge for the pictures.  Most of the challenges can be interpreted in more than one way, so it is fun to see how others in the group come up with pictures to match the challenge.  For this one we created a Facebook group just for those taking part, so we make sure we can all see each other’s pictures.

We are just on the 5th week, so quite a few less photos to show for that.  🙂  The challenge for each week is shown under the picture.

IMG_1188 (600x800)
IMG_1254 (786x800)
DSCN9894 (800x594)
DSCN9929 (800x456)
Tracks – ok, I made my own tracks and took a picture of it.  🙂
Up – I am not up.  Well, I’m up on a mountain, so I guess I’m up, but I am the one taking the picture, not the one up there.  🙂

Both challenges are fun if you can get others to participate with you, but even if you want to do either of these by yourself, you can make it fun anyway.  You can find a lot of photo challenges online – just by searching for photo challenge.  You can follow a list you find this way for a weekly type of challenge.  The photo a day is just whatever you feel like posting, so just have a camera (or your phone) with you as you go about your day and see you you find.


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