Blustery Day

I was scheduled for a volunteer shift at the Assiniboine Park Zoo this morning and a little bit of wind and snow wasn’t going to stop me.  🙂

It turned out to be one of those days when there were more volunteers than visitors.

The temperature wasn’t too bad, but combined with the wind and snow, it wasn’t the most pleasant day to be wandering around outside.  The animals at the Zoo, are well adapted to our winter weather though and they were out enjoying it.

You don’t think of camels as being winter critters, but here is one with a nice coat of snow over his fur.

IMG_1326 (800x657)

The White-handed Gibbons are not critters that live in, or enjoy winter weather, but luckily their exhibit has an indoor area, where we can enjoy their antics.  This morning, I arrived while they were foraging for their food inside the treat holders, which had been buried in some hay.

IMG_1335 (600x800)

IMG_1336 (600x800)

IMG_1337 (600x800)

The beautiful Polar Bears are a big attraction and they were loving this weather.  I took these pictures in the warmth of the Tundra Grill, which has an entire wall of windows that overlook the tundra where the bears live.

I spent some time in the McFeeter’s Heave Horse Centre, but didn’t take any pictures of them today.  My last stop was Toucan Ridge and the only pictures I took in there was of a Blue-throated Piping Guan.  I haven’t noticed this bird in there before and (s)he was nice enough to pose for me, although my lens clouded up a bit due the warmth and humidity after coming in from the cold.

IMG_1353 (800x600)IMG_1354 (800x600)

After taking the first couple of pictures, I noticed a 2nd Blue-throated Piping Guan, but the fog on the lens doesn’t make it a clear picture.

IMG_1358 (800x600)

Just so you don’t think I made up this name, here is the board with the name and description of it.  🙂

IMG_1359 (800x600)

Since I wrote about the Photo Challenges I am taking part in, there have not been any more of the Weekly Challenge, but the daily one continues each day, so I have a couple of them to show you.

The Orchid is the 2nd bloom on my Orchid Plant and the Moon is from last night.  I am hoping it clears up tonight for viewing the Blue Moon and Eclipse.

IMG_1325 (800x700)DSCN9997 (800x616)

Have a great day!