Orchid Day

As you all probably know, I have an Orchid that has decided conditions were right to finally flower after several years of being pretty much dormant (other than growing new leaves).  This event has made me quite interested in these beautiful flowers, so when I heard that there was an open house at a local Orchid place, I decided to go to it.  They also have a photo contest and I submitted one from my little plant.  I figured there was no harm in showing off my baby.  🙂

EverSpring Orchids which is just north of Winnipeg in West St. Paul was the location of this show,  so right after breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant, I headed to check it out.

I took my camera and asked at the door if it was ok for me to take pictures.  They were pleased that I asked and quite happy to let me take as many as I wanted.  On the way out, I let them know I would be posting the pictures along with a link to their site.  The show is on Sunday as well as today.

DSCN0090 (800x600)
The start of a sunrise just before I left for breakfast.  It is so nice to have the days getting a bit longer so that I am not leaving and/or returning home in the dark much now.
DSCN0091 (800x600)
This magnificent specimen has already been sold.
DSCN0092 (800x600)
Many more different types of Orchids than I have ever seen before.

DSCN0093 (600x800)

DSCN0094 (800x600)

DSCN0095 (800x600)
Love these colours!
DSCN0096 (600x800)
Amazing to see the entire plant covered in flowers!
DSCN0097 (600x800)
Most of them have much larger flowers than my little one does.
DSCN0099 (800x600)
These are all the same plants, but a nice variety of colours.
DSCN0100 (800x600)
As well as the beautiful flower in front, here is my photo (on the left) with just 1 vote (from me).  I did add more of my votes to it, but also spread some around to other pictures.  A lot of people are coming just to vote on a friend or family member’s photo.  The prize for the winner is a Black Orchid!

DSCN0101 (600x800)

DSCN0103 (800x711)
Big flowers on a fairly small plant.

DSCN0104 (800x439)DSCN0105 (800x600)DSCN0106 (800x600)

DSCN0110 (781x800)
The one above and the one below just had one gorgeous flower each – but very large flowers.

DSCN0111 (800x600)

In the back corner, they had several non-flowering but very healthy looking plants on sale for  $5.00 each.  I picked out one that has the start of a new leaf on it and bought it.  They told me it does  not need to be re-potted as there are no roots showing, but I will have to wait to find out the colour of the flowers.  She did indicate that it is probably purple though.  The leaves look similar, but much larger than my little Orchid, so I am guessing that the flowers will also be larger.  The large exotic looking flowers above are out of my budget, but for anyone interested – they are all on sale for this event.  The gentleman ahead of me at the checkout spent well over $100. on his 3 or 4 plants.

DSCN0113 (800x600)

After noticing here that the bottom leaves touch the table, I inverted another pot and put this plant up higher.

They wrap the plants up before you take them out in the cold and they gave me a little flower pen with my purchase.

My photo of the day today was amazingly enough – one of the above photos!

DSCN0110 (781x800)

8 thoughts on “Orchid Day

  1. All your photos are great, Mavis 😀
    I adore orchids and had many, while I lived in Denmark. I think, that I brought about 20 of them to Spain, but because of challenges with my things in transportation, many were dead or close to, when I received them. It didn’t help, that we had 3 heatwaves in the first 2 months here too.
    Today I only have one and I fight to get flowers at it.

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    1. I’m so sorry you lost most of your orchids Irene. They are so beautiful. I had really only seen the one variety in stores (just department stores), so had no idea the variety that is available. I am a little afraid to get into more exotic varieties, but if I can handle the 2 I have, I just might get more adventurous at some point. 🙂 Oh – and stop fighting with your poor orchid! LOL

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      1. Thank you Mavis. I have been to exhibitions with orchids in several countries and there are so many beautiful and wonderful variants, as I easily could fill my house up with 😀 Just they were not that expensive.

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  2. Hello, your posts are so informative and fun to read, I always enjoy them. My orchids are doing well, however the last one is finished blooming and so will have to wait to see if anything happens. I like them when they are blooming and I think that the growers have the secret to huge flowers. Although I am fertilizing my non flowering ones,( I only have 7) weekly. on a regular basis, 4 of which were rescued from Rona so don’t know what my chances are of getting to bloom. Patience I am
    told. !!!!

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    1. Thanks Hazel and yes, they certainly do take patience. Good luck getting your rescues to bloom. They just might surprise you, but maybe not right away.


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