A Trip to Riding Mountain National Park in the Winter

One day while reading the posts on the RMNP Facebook group, I noticed someone posting that she had a room in her house for rent.  Her home is located just outside the park and she has horses (both hers and horses that are being boarded).  I had recently received my lease renewal and was facing a large increase in my rent, so I thought about living completely in nature and really loved the idea – so I wrote to her to get more details.

Living just outside the park would be amazing and as well as being able to be in the park in minutes (instead of hours), there is also the wildlife that would be right outside my door there.

Of course, there are problems with this plan:

1 – I have furniture and items that fill a one bedroom apartment – but here I would only have a bedroom, so I would have to either sell my belongings or put them into storage.

2 – Only the bedroom would be mine and I would be sharing the rest of the house with the owner and her daughter.  I have not shared my home with anyone for several years (since my daughter moved out), so I wasn’t sure about that

3 – She was contacted by several other people who were interested in renting this room, so even if I decided I wanted it, she might pick someone else.

The main purpose of this trip in the winter was to look at the house and room and to meet this lady.  Of course, I came prepared to take pictures of all the wildlife I could find.

It seems the wildlife got advance notice of my arrival though and were all in hiding on the day I arrived.

I did (of course) get some scenic pictures though.  🙂  It is beautiful there!

I drove into Moon Lake to find the lake frozen and although the sign said I could swim at my own risk, I could not find any water.   The cook shack was closed – so no picnic there.

Not far north of Moon Lake is the famous walking tree.

DSCN0221 (800x545) (2)

After driving to Dauphin, where I checked into my room and had some lunch, I headed back to Spruces to get sunset pictures.  I also drove over to the Wishing Well Road to see how the view would be there for sunset pictures.  There was some colour in the sky, but the sun was not in the right spot for much there – so just one picture and back to Spruces.

My best sunset shot!

DSCN0242 (800x399)

As I was waiting for the sunset pictures, I noticed something on the snowbank beside my car.  At first I thought it looked like a Moose, but after looking at the picture later, I decided it was a Hippo.  On Facebook, I have received further suggestions of Horse, Dragon and Alligator.  What do you think?  It is definitely a snow critter anyway.

DSCN0235 (800x599)

Tomorrow morning, I’ll go looking for the place to rent and meet the lady who advertised it.

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