Photo Challenges Update

It has been so long since I’ve posted any of my photo challenges, that there are too many to include in my regular posts here, so this is an update of what I have posted for the last 3 weeks.

Starting with day 42 of 365 photos, this will take us up to day 63.

DSC01863 (800x669)
Day 42 – St. Peanut, my Chickadee buddy
IMG_1387 (800x600)
Day 43 – My beautiful little Orchid
DSCN0132 (800x600)
Day 44 – Sunrise from my window
IMG_1421 (800x711)
Day 45 – Adorable baby Squirrel Monkey on mom’s back at the Assiniboine Park Zoo
IMG_1403 (600x800)
Day 46 – Wolf at Assiniboine Park Zoo
IMG_1443 (800x600)
Day 47 – Toby – pretending to ignore me, but tail was banging on the floor.
IMG_1451 (800x600)
 Day 48 – Walking on the river with Toby
DSCN0134 (800x588)
Day 49 – Exploring the river bank
DSCN0147 (800x600) (2)
Day 50 – Deer – just outside the fence.
IMG_1488 (800x600)
Day 51 – Toby digging for fish on the river
IMG_1497 (600x800)
Day 52 – Christmas Cactus with both new leaves and new buds
DSCN2088 (800x600)
Day 53 – Red Panda at Assiniboine Park Zoo
IMG_1500 (800x600)
Day 54 – My little Orchid with all buds open
MWSnap018 2018-03-04
Day 55 – sign at Moon Lake about swimming & fishing (too much ice & snow for either that day)
DSCN0284 (800x592)
Day 56 – 2 White-tail Deer in Riding Mountain National Park
DSCN2132 (800x600)
Day 57 – Caesar – a friend’s dog – seemed happy to meet me
DSCN0290 (800x597)
Day 58 – a House Sparrow in a tree outside my window
DSCN0270 (800x600)
Day 59 – my only Moose sighting while in Riding Mountain National Park
DSCN0293 (800x777)
Day 60 – the Moon March 1st
IMG_1511 (800x600)
Day 61 – Jack, who belongs to a friend of mine.  You will be seeing more of him soon.
IMG_1523 (600x800)
Day 62 – Christmas Cactus flower
DSC01874 (800x556)
Day 63 – my little buddy St. Peanut

OK – daily pictures are up to date, so now the weekly pictures with a challenge.

Week 7 was SWEET – so candies at the store and a chocolate croissant.

IMG_1481 (600x800)
Week 8 was HANDS – so my hand with Toby’s feet (and head).
DSCN2135 (800x600)
Week 9 was SOFT – so this soft kitty fit that.

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