A Walk with the Deer

I am back house/dog sitting with my big buddy Toby. It was time to go for a morning walk and we were greeted by some White-tailed Deer just outside the yard.IMG_0294 (800x735)IMG_0295 (800x580)IMG_0296 (800x554)IMG_0300 (800x569)IMG_0302 (800x454)IMG_0303 (800x496)

They gracefully trotted away and we continued on to the river and walked along the edge.   A pair of Canada Geese were on the river so I got their picture too.

IMG_0305 (800x537)IMG_0308 (800x454)IMG_0309 (800x413)

The Deer were waiting for us when we came to the spot to come back out and over to the sidewalk.

IMG_0306 (800x491)IMG_0307 (800x489)IMG_0311 (800x535)IMG_0311

After getting home, I saw they were nicely settled back where they were before, so I took some pictures from inside the window.

DSCN0391 (800x600)

DSCN0393 (800x554)
From a distance, I thought this one had a white patch on her side, but it looks like she is missing the fur at this spot. 

DSCN0395 (800x599)DSCN0396 (800x640)DSCN0397 (800x729)DSCN0398 (800x734)DSCN0399 (800x585)DSCN0400 (800x675)DSCN0402 (800x600)DSCN0403 (800x773)DSCN0404 (785x800)

They seem to be shedding their thick, warm winter coats now, so hopefully it will start to warm up here soon.  After all – it is officially spring!  Winnipeg (often called Winterpeg) doesn’t really follow the calendar though.

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