Looking for Spring

I went out for a walk along the Seine River (well, the still frozen Seine River), to see if I could find any signs of spring.

There are lots of Canada Geese back here in Winnipeg, but I kind of suspect that they have teamed up with Mother Nature in this April Fools joke on us here.

A lot of snow has melted over the last month, but then we got the deep freeze again and everything has stood still, waiting for some warmer weather.  The path on this side of the river was covered in ice and snow, which made walking difficult.

DSCN0499 (800x597)

I knew the path I like, on the other side, which is right along the riverbank would be even worse to walk on because of the ups & downs.  Since it would certainly be covered in ice would be very difficult to walk on, so I took the paved trail that was on level ground.

DSCN0494 (800x600)
Yesterday I got this picture of a 2-headed, 3 legged Canada Goose from my window.  This morning, I got the pair of Canada Geese (just below) in close to the same spot.  I wonder if they are related?

DSCN0498 (800x563)

DSCN0497 (800x600)
A look at the ice-covered Seine  River from the path.  That is ice (not open water) in the distance.
DSCN0500 (800x600)
Looking back to my apartment with the frozen river in between us.
DSCN0501 (800x505)
Frozen Seine River looking East (above) and West (below).

DSCN0502 (800x600)

DSCN0503 (800x600)
I thought the paved trail would have been plowed, but I guess it wasn’t.  At least it is level.
DSCN0504 (800x600)
Oh – a spot of dry pavement just ahead.

I had to step off the dry pavement to let a couple of bicyclists pass by me though.  They didn’t seem to think they should ride on the snow/ice.

DSCN0505 (800x600)
A little look into the woods that are between us the the Seine River.
DSCN0506 (800x600)
The rest of the trail from here had been plowed, but there is still ice on it (where it looks wet).
DSCN0507 (800x600)
We have come back to the river – so a couple of views – one from each side of it (above & below)

DSCN0508 (800x600)

I am about 1/2 way through my walk at this point.  I could either turn and go back the way I came or continue on to the street and walk on the sidewalk.  I chose the sidewalk and was soon back home.

I didn’t find Spring today – maybe another day (hopefully soon).

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    1. Oh – I know it will come and it really isn’t unusual for it to be mid to late April (or even May) – but sometimes it is warm in early April and I would rather have one of those springs. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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