This Looks More Like Spring

I haven’t been for a walk at Fort Whyte Alive for awhile.  Near the end of winter and into early spring, I have found the walkways to be icy & slippery, so I wasn’t sure if I would stay to walk much or not – but it was a nice morning, so I headed there.

I decided to head towards the Bison enclosure area first.  The frozen creek on the way there is my first picture.  This is what I was afraid the trails would look like.

DSCN0516 (800x591)

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the trails on this side of the walk were in excellent condition.

DSCN0517 (800x591)

I saw some Canada Geese, but didn’t get any pictures of them yet – so my first official critter was this bunny.  I took one picture at a distance and then walked closer for a 2nd one.

DSCN0518 (800x592)
It is possible that he didn’t think I could see him, since he didn’t move between pictures.

DSCN0519 (800x600)

I stopped at the little pond near the Tee Pee, which I like to look around, but not much to see there yet.  Once the ice melts and the water warms up, there is usually some critter activity to be found there.

DSCN0520 (800x594)

There is still snow in the bush, but not really too much.

DSCN0521 (800x600)

I got a few pictures of the Bison from on top of the mound and a few more from the tree house.

Then a few more pictures of the bush and the trail as I walked along.

I had to use a lot of zoom power to see what the bumps out on the ice near the open water was and was please to see Mallard Ducks.  I know they were there well into winter, but hadn’t seen them the last time I was out, so no idea if they managed to stay the winter or not.

DSCN0534 (800x599)

Then there were Canada Geese flying.

DSCN0537 (800x486)DSCN0543 (800x599)DSCN0544 (800x599)DSCN0545 (800x599)

I crossed over to the other side, where the floating docks are.  The trails on this side were mostly snow covered but not ice covered, so walking was fine.  The floating docks were clear of ice and snow.  Of course, they were frozen in the water, so not floating.

DSCN0547 (800x600)DSCN0548 (800x600)DSCN0549 (800x600)DSCN0550 (800x600)DSCN0551 (800x600)DSCN0552 (800x600)DSCN0553 (800x600)

A few Canada Geese just before I went back into the main building and then a pair of them at a puddle in the parking lot.

DSCN0554 (720x800)DSCN0555 (800x784)

Actually, if I didn’t tell you this was a parking lot photo, you would never know.  I kind of like it.

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    1. Thanks Sue. After the -30C and lower over the winter, these temperatures at -2 or -3C are not bad at all, especially on a sunny day. Within the next couple of days, they are predicting over 0C temperatures, so the snow will go fast then.

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