It’s Melting

We have had a few days in a row where temperatures have stayed above freezing at night and gone up to the high teens during the day, so finally we are seeing lots of bare ground and the ice is pretty much gone from the rivers.  Lakes still have ice, but not strong enough to walk on – so we are getting there.  It is just mid April, so although sometimes spring comes earlier, it is not unusual for this to be our normal.  We (as most people do) will still complain.

I was checking the tops of the trees on my walk today, in hopes of seeing a touch of green showing and/or some birds to take pictures of.  I did not see either.  I did find Canada Geese on the Seine River and a Red Squirrel hugging a tree in the bush.  I also saw lots of people (many with dogs that I had to pet) out enjoying the beautiful day.

DSCN0613 (800x594)DSCN0614 (800x599)DSCN0615 (800x598)DSCN0616 (800x591)DSCN0617 (800x600)DSCN0618 (800x600)

Above – photos of the Seine River with lots of ground showing.  I’m ignoring those white spots along the banks in some places.

DSCN0619 (800x600)
This old tree stump must have been a magnificent and huge tree in it’s day.


DSCN0624 (800x596)
This little Red Squirrel stopped to pose for me.

DSCN0625 (800x741)

DSCN0626 (800x600)
I stuck to the paved path because I knew the dirt one would be wet and muddy, but even the paved one was not completely clear of snow and water.

DSCN0627 (800x586)DSCN0628 (800x600)DSCN0629 (800x581)

The paved trail has several little dirt trail that can get you closer to the river, so I followed one down to get the above river pictures and a picture of the Canada Geese, that I could hear.  It was a narrow muddy path, so I had one foot on each side of it to go down and back up again.  Here is the muddy path picture that I took going back up.

DSCN0631 (591x800)

DSCN0632 (800x593)
The Seine River with a pair of Canada Geese and a zoomed in picture of the Geese.

DSCN0635 (800x522)

Just as I got back to my apartment, I found another pair of Geese in the river.

DSCN0637 (697x800)

2 thoughts on “It’s Melting

  1. Nice to see the snow melting Mavis. I was out walking my little dog this morning around our lake (man made here in Canberra) and he was patted by lots of people. If you saw him I am sure you would pat him too. Ps loving that cute little squirrel.


    1. Thanks Sue – Spring is always so welcomed here after our harsh winters and it is simply beautiful out now. I know I would have stopped to talk to you and pet your little dog also. 🙂 Thanks also for your comment on the squirrel picture – I like that one also. 🙂

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