I wasn’t successful in finding Pelicans when I drove north to Lockport last week, but I headed up there again this morning – just in case they had arrived.  It was a bright sunny morning, with the temperatures heading up to the high teens again, but it was very windy once I got there.

A couple of times, I had to lean against a post to stabilize myself to actually get some 1/2 decent pictures while standing in the wind.

First pictures are of the Red River while driving along River Road again.  This time the river is moving freely with lots of ice chunks.

I stopped just upriver from the spillway/dam at Lockport to take a picture and then took a couple more and a video on the other side.

DSCN0646 (800x584)DSCN0650 (800x600)DSCN0654 (800x600)

Then – it was Pelican time.  I took a lot of photos, so if you want a better look, please click on one and scroll through.

I gave the Pelicans a short break to take some pictures of a Gull on a post.  I didn’t see the 4 legs until I was back home and had transferred the pictures to my computer.

Back to the Pelicans.

At this point, I decided to cross the river and see what I could see from the park on the other side.

I also took a short video of one of the Pelicans floating past me.

This was a fun morning.  There were only about a dozen Pelicans, so I might even take another drive on another morning.  🙂

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