Spring at Riding Mountain National Park

I have been wanting to head north the Riding Mountain National Park, since it is now Spring and the bears are coming out of hibernation, plus there may be some babies showing up already – so I made arrangements and headed there on Wednesday morning.

It was a beautiful morning and I found photo opportunities starting at a large puddle of water just outside the park gates.

These bird pictures were zoomed to the max and aren’t great – but it is a start!

As I am driving into the park on #19, there are a lot of scenic opportunities for pictures, so I took advantage and took lots of them.

DSCN0739 (800x600)
Still snow on the south side of the road, where the sun doesn’t  manage to shine.

DSCN0740 (800x548)

DSCN0743 (800x579)
Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks inside the park.
DSCN0744 (800x437)
I stopped at all the streams and water holes for the view and to see if any critters are around.

DSCN0745 (800x600)DSCN0746 (800x478)DSCN0747 (800x530)DSCN0748 (800x600)DSCN0749 (800x600)DSCN0750 (800x600)DSCN0753 (800x600)DSCN0754 (800x600)DSCN0756 (800x593)DSCN0757 (800x589) (2)DSCN0758 (800x589)

DSCN0760 (800x599)
Another pair of Mallard Ducks

DSCN0761 (800x600)DSCN0762 (800x600)DSCN0763 (800x599)

You have seen all these scenic views before – but at different times of the year and they vary a lot during the seasons.

Shortly after the last picture, I reached #10 Highway, which runs north/south through the park.  From there, I headed over to Spruces, where I was meeting a friend who offered to show me how to get to the Bison enclosure.  The usual summer route, which is the only way I have been there, is always closed from the beginning of winter until almost the beginning of summer.

I will continue with this trip tomorrow.

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