Spring at Riding Mountain National Park – Part 2

I arrived at Spruces a few minutes earlier than the agreed meeting time, so I took some pictures while waiting for Debbie.

DSCN0764 (800x587)DSCN0765 (800x600)

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This is the snowbank where I took the picture that looked like a lot of things according to the suggestions I received (Hippo, Moose, Dragon, Horse and Alligator  were the most common thoughts).  If you click on the link on the word picture (above), it will take you to my winter visit post if you haven’t seen it.
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There is obviously a lot of ice and snow around, but looking at the shore, you can see how soft it is.

When Debbie arrived a few minutes later, we headed towards the Bison enclosure, with an occasional stop for pictures along the way.

DSCN0772 (800x592)
First stop was for Mallard Ducks and Canada Geese.

DSCN0773 (800x601)DSCN0775 (800x600)

It didn’t take too long before we were inside the Bison enclosure and now I know the way!  One Bison greeted us soon after we entered.

DSCN0778 (800x454)DSCN0783 (800x591)DSCN0785 (759x800)DSCN0786 (800x600)

As well as the usual road into the enclosure being closed – also most of the usual route I take inside it was blocked off.  This is when I found out that this enclosure is actually much larger than I realized.  One time I had noticed another road inside and had followed it a short distance before coming to a gate.  I mistakenly thought that gate was the end of the enclosure and I turned around and went back – but this was just a way for them to section it off and divide the herd when necessary.  After that it was quite a distance to the next gate, which actually was the end.  We found 2 herds in this large area, but only one of them was close enough for some zoomed in pictures.

DSCN0800 (800x595) (2)DSCN0802 (800x511)

DSCN0805 (800x652)
It is not obvious here, but the young one is having some nice warm Bison milk for lunch, while Mom kept an eye on us.

DSCN0811 (800x561)DSCN0813 (800x571)

Just outside the enclosure is a nice picnic spot at the Lake Audy camp ground.  I had never been in here, but Debbie had brought food (she is so resourceful), so we stopped to eat.  I just took a couple of pictures of the frozen lake while we were there.

DSCN0814 (800x599)DSCN0815 (800x594)

This day isn’t over yet, but will be continued because I still have many pictures to go.

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