A Spring Walk at Fort Whyte Alive

Springtime brings hundreds of migrating birds who are heading for their nesting spots in the area or further north.  One of my favourite spots to see them is at Fort Whyte Alive, so I headed over there a few days ago to walk around.  It was a beautiful morning.

I just barely cleared the entrance building when I saw a Goose Fight in the water.

DSCN0945 (800x435)DSCN0943 (800x600)

Because of their movement, most of my pictures were too blurry to post, but these 2 turned out ok.  I also took a video.  It was fascinating to watch, but most of the action happened before I thought about recording it.

Next was a very busy White-throated Sparrow.

DSCN0948 (800x676)DSCN0954 (800x600)

Followed by a little female Yellow-rumped Warbler.  (ID’d by a member of the Manitoba Birds Facebook page)

DSCN0956 (800x600)

DSCN0959 (800x623)

I believe the bird above is a male Scaup and the bird below is a female Hooded Merganser.  I could be wrong on both of them though.  🙂

DSCN0965 (800x547)

 This cooperative Canada Goose gave me a lovely profile pose.  🙂DSCN0970 (800x600)

A cute little bunny was completely unafraid of me and after I snapped this photo, he came and sniffed my shoes before slowly hopping away.DSCN0964 (800x599)

DSCN0968 (800x600)
Western Grebe

I didn’t know what the following birds were until examining my well worn bird book, but it looks like they are Blue-winged Teals.  You only see the blue on the wings when they extend their wings.

The numbers and types of Sparrows we have completely confuse me.  With migrating birds passing by along with our resident birds, it is even more difficult.  One member of the Manitoba Birds facebook page says it is a Chipping Sparrow, but I am not 100% sure this is correct.  Another said a Tree Sparrow and finally someone said Swamp Sparrow and gave all the differences between them, so I will agree with him.  What a helpful group!  Thanks everyone.

DSCN0984 (800x496)
Swamp Sparrow – above & below

DSCN0985 (800x598)

Some Coots and more Canada Geese, with a couple more profile pictures of one.

DSCN0999 (800x600) (2)
Red-winged Blackbird

I just left the building to head for my car when I saw this bird circling above.  She circled a few times, so I got practice on taking photos of flying birds and I did manage one photo decent enough to post here.  I did not know what she was, so I asked on a Manitoba Birds photo group and was told it was a female Osprey.


Hopefully all the birds will have a successful breeding season!

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  1. Thanks Sue – it actually is amazing how many different birds & critters there are in the world and all of them are adapted to the particular climates where they live and possibly migrate to & from.


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