Mother’s Day Run

It was a beautiful morning this morning – perfect for a little stroll.

I headed out for a walk along the Seine River, but hardly got over to the other side of the river before finding out that there is an annual Mother’s Day Run on my path.  The run had just started so no one had reached where I currently was, but I was warned to listen for steps coming up behind me to give them room.

I figured I could handle that, so I continued on, stopping for whatever pictures I felt like taking.

DSCN1116 (800x600)
First up was the river at the start of my walk with a Canada Goose in the distance and next picture is the same Goose with a bit of zoom.

DSCN1117 (1280x813) (800x508)

DSCN1118 (1280x734) (800x459)
Above and below are the Seine River – both directions from the bridge

DSCN1119 (1280x960) (800x600)

DSCN1120 (1280x960) (800x600)
Looking up at some fresh green leaves (above) and some budding blossoms (below)

DSCN1122 (1138x1280) (711x800)

DSCN1124 (1280x960) (800x600)
More new leaves on this large tree and then I zoomed in on the black dot in the middle.

DSCN1123 (1280x960) (800x600)

A few of the front runners caught up to me around here and I stepped aside and cheered them on as they ran past me.   They were all single runners with a good distance in between them,  but just as I turned left at the place they were turning right, the numbers were increasing quite a bit.  The timing was good and I continued on my way.

Then, it was time for the Mallard Ducks to entertain me for awhile.  🙂

DSCN1125 (1280x765) (800x478)

DSCN1127 (1280x788) (800x493)

DSCN1128 (1280x450) (800x281)

DSCN1129 (1280x726) (800x454)

DSCN1131 (1280x718) (800x449)

DSCN1132 (1028x1280) (643x800)

DSCN1133 (1280x591) (800x369)


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