Beautiful Day for a Walk

A couple of days ago, it rained all day – FINALLY.  With the sun now shining and the moisture from that rain, everything is looking so green and beautiful now.  Amazing that it took until the middle of May before we got the April showers this year.

This morning, I grabbed my camera and took a little stroll on the paths beside the Seine River.

DSCN1183 (712x800)
First sighting was a Canada Goose.
DSCN1184 (800x622)
A Mallard Duck seemed to have something to say.
DSCN1185 (760x800)
A talkative Crow (above & below) looking around.

DSCN1186 (800x784)

DSCN1188 (800x600)
The leaves have started to open on the tops of Oak Trees
DSCN1189 (800x602)
A couple of weeds (above & below) that are growing right in the pavement of the walk.

DSCN1190 (800x600)

DSCN1191 (800x600)
Dandelions are blooming, so the bees have food.
DSCN1194 (800x400)
Canada Geese, hanging out together.
DSCN1195 (800x755)
Flowering bush
DSCN1197 (800x600)
Pelicans (above & below)

DSCN1199 (800x545)

DSCN1195 (800x755)
Another flowering bush.
DSCN1201 (800x518)
This is a Swainson’s Thrush or a Wood Thrush.  Probably Swainson’s

DSCN1202 (800x600)

DSCN1204 (600x800)
Another flowering bush.  There were actually dozens of flowering bushes.
DSCN1205 (800x728)
Another Canada Goose (above & below)

DSCN1206 (577x800)

Then I crossed back over the river and headed home, stopping for several minutes to chat with a couple of ladies sitting on one of the benches.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day for a Walk

  1. Your post is making me feel a little warmer than I am here in Canberra – its quite a cold day today and have just come back from walking my little dog which was nice but inside its a little cold. Great photos as always Mavis.

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  2. Thanks Sue. It is getting a little too warm here now. We jumped right from winter to summer it seems, with temperatures up to 34C today and the forecast is for around 30C for the next several days.


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