Return to Narcisse

I waited for a week after my first visit to Narcisse and since we have had several quite warm days in a row, I decided to head back out there in the hopes that many more snakes would be active.  Rain was forecast for today, but you never know if it actually will rain or not – so I went.

It started raining when I was over 1/2 way to Narcisse,  but it was still warm, so I continued on.  I always have my umbrella in the car – and I was prepared.

It was actually a lovely light rain, which is something we really need and the air smells so fresh when walking in it, so it was a nice walk.  The only problem is that there were even fewer snakes than there were on my last trip.

DSCN1213 (800x600)
I decided to be like Ryan on Walking4Fun. Whenever he is walking in the rain, we get to see his umbrella. My umbrella is more colourful than his is though. 🙂
DSCN1214 (800x600)
Garter Snakes
DSCN1215 (800x600)
Garter Snakes – there are at least 4 in the above picture.
DSCN1216 (758x800)
Garter Snakes
DSCN1217 (797x800)
Garter Snakes

Last trip, I got a picture of a Lincoln’s Sparrow on the edge of the pit and today there was a Hare in about the same spot.  He took off when I pointed the camera his direction though, so I’ve got no pictures so show you.

I’d say there were about 10 snakes in sight today, which is pretty sad for this time of year and the agents there told me that they had seen about 300 yesterday, but that is still very low.

One of the hazards of having so many snakes (or anything for that matter) in the same place at the same time, is that if something happens, there could be a huge loss of those critters.

Last winter was very cold and there wasn’t a lot of snow cover to keep the dens warm.  I am still hoping that they are just very late in coming out to see the world, but there is a possibility that several did not survive the winter.

Other than my trip there last week, the last time I had been there was quite a few years ago when my daughter wanted to go see them.  There had been thousands of snakes that day and it was mesmerizing to watch them.

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