Another Walk in the Rain

I haven’t been to Fort Whyte Alive recently and thought I would head there for a walk today.  I was delayed a bit because my Mom wanted me to help with something and that didn’t actually go as planned.  But, I still had to get some time in nature where I might be able to see some ducklings or goslings.

The first Goose I saw stood up to let me see her eggs, but no goslings there, so I thanked her and continued on my way.  Her mate was not far away, so I said hello to him also.

DSCN1228 (800x598)

It was drizzling a little for most of the walk, but I had my trusty umbrella with me to keep the camera dry.

DSCN1229 (800x502)

I zoomed in on this nest, not sure if there was anything on it or not, and it wasn’t until I looked at the pictures, that I could see the duck sitting on her nest.  I didn’t see Mr Duck around though.

DSCN1230 (800x600)
It is still pretty hard to see her, even knowing she is there.

  I rounded a corner and found a pair of Canada Geese with 4 adorable Goslings!

DSCN1242 (800x736)
A Red-winged Blackbird at the top of a tree with a great view.
DSCN1244 (800x651)
A Mallard Duck who was probably distracting me from a nearby nest.

A Goldfinch at a feeder.

A Canada Goose enjoying the weeds on the lake.

A pair of Northern Shovelers relaxing.

DSCN1260 (800x600)DSCN1262 (800x600)DSCN1266 (800x572)DSCN1270 (800x407)

A little Goldfinch that wasn’t on a feeder, and decided not to show me his pretty face.

DSCN1272 (800x600)

A Canada Goose on one of the floating docks.  I’m pretty sure he was guarding his mate who was on a nest over the water, so I slowly approached him while talking to him and asking if he would allow me past.  He thought about it and then jumped into the water.

DSCN1274 (800x680)DSCN1277 (800x538)

Two more Canada Geese on another floating dock and again, I talked to them and asked if I could go by.  They decided to stay ahead of me, so I slowly followed them until the dock widened enough for them to move over and let me past.

DSCN1278 (800x761)DSCN1279 (713x800)

Heading back to the entrance/exit, I saw several Pelicans gathered on the shore (across the water) and got one picture of them.

DSCN1280 (800x355)

I found some Daffodils  🙂

DSCN1281 (800x600)

Back at the entrance, I went onto the deck and saw a Loon out on the water.

DSCN1283 (800x409)DSCN1284 (800x600)DSCN1285 (800x600)

The rain had stopped by the time I got back to the car.  It is always refreshing to have a walk in nature and I enjoyed this one.

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