A Little Walk

Yesterday, I had absolutely nothing scheduled except for laundry, so after the laundry was done, I went for a walk along the Seine River.  I just brought my little camera that does’t have a lot of zoom, since it fits into my pocket.

First thing I found was on a tree trunk just behind my apartment.  I don’t know if I’ve missed this on all my other walks, or it was just put up.

DSCN2150 (600x800)
It looks in pretty good shape, so I think it must be new.

As I walked over the pedestrian bridge, I looked down to see this adorable Mallard Duck family.  They stayed still for a picture and then I moved on, so they didn’t even have to move.

DSCN2143 (800x600)

On the other side of the bridge, I saw a White-tail Deer standing very still.  At first, she appeared to be behind bars, since the railings of the bridge were in the way, so I quickly took a picture with the railings (in case she moved).  Then I talked to her as I moved closer to get a better picture without the rails.

DSCN2144 (800x599)DSCN2146 (800x600)

Then, I pushed my luck a bit and took a few more steps forward for one more picture, and she looked at me and still didn’t move.


I continued on my walk and she was still standing right there.  Maybe her baby was very close.  I haven’t seen any fawns yet this year.

I walked the entire trail on the other side of the river, without seeing much (other than more people out for a walk).  When I got to Bishop Grandin, I turned and went back the same way.  There was someone fishing at the bridge on my return, so no sign of the deer or the duck family.

I was almost back home again – very close to the tree with the face and where there was also a salt lick for the deer – when I saw another White-tailed Deer.  I had to use the full zoom of my little camera for this picture and then cropped it quite a bit, but here she is.  She disappeared into the bush right after I took this.

DSCN2149 (800x532)