Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 4

This is my last morning here and I decided to sleep in a bit and hang around for the breakfast that comes with the lodging.  I have an east facing window in my room and saw that there was no chance of a sunrise picture in the park anyway.  After I woke up, I packed my bags and got everything out to the car before going back in to have breakfast.

Anne already had the table set with lots of fruit and the coffee was ready to pour, so I grabbed myself a cup and went to wander around the lovely sitting area.  I should have taken some pictures of this beautiful room, but I had taken the camera out with the luggage.

It wasn’t long before Anne called me back into the dining area as my breakfast was ready.  I was the only one there for breakfast at that time, so Anne and I chatted  and got to know each other while I ate the omelette.

Then, I was off to spend my last few hours in the park.

First stop was on the Wishing Well road, where I saw a young Gull perched on the dock and a couple of Loons bobbing in the water.

DSCN1130 (800x585) (2)DSCN1133 (800x486)DSCN1138 (800x585)

Then I headed to the Bison enclosure, where again, there were no Bison to be found, so I decided to drive through to the Lake Audy Dam and visit with the Gulls again.  It would have been great to see the Beaver also, but he was nowhere in sight.  The Gulls though, did not disappoint me and I got some much needed practice with flight photos.

DSCN1142 (800x435)DSCN1143 (800x615)DSCN1144 (800x490)DSCN1147 (800x599)DSCN1151 (800x555)DSCN1152 (800x496)DSCN1154 (800x401)

DSCN1155 (800x760) (2)DSCN1157 (800x600)

The colours are looking beautiful this morning – even under cloudy skies.

DSCN1153 (800x483)Looking at my watch, I decided not to go back through the Bison enclosure, but to take the Lake Audy road directly out the south end of the park and get on my way home.  It is sad to leave, but I feel refreshed after a few days immersed in nature.

Just outside the park, I met up with an Hawk perched high on a utility pole.  I’m not sure if it is another Red-tail Hawk or not.  Having spent all my life in the city, I am just not familiar with all the different Hawks

DSCN1160 (564x800)

Looking the other way, I spotted some Mallard Ducks doing some preening – and they were my last picture of the trip.  Next stop – Winnipeg.

DSCN1166 (800x600) (2)

I’ll be back, but probably not until spring.

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