Bird Sitting

Meet my two new buddies – Eva and Thomas, the Cockatiels.

Eva – Lutino Cockatiel and Thomas – White-faced Cockatiel

Guess I can’t really say they are my buddies yet, but this is only day 2 with them and we are getting there. Eva is pretty trusting and she will get on my hand and then head for my shoulder. Thomas did get on my arm and go up to my shoulder yesterday when he saw Eva there, but so far – not today.

Anyway – they are beautiful birds and I am not going to pressure them. They miss their mommy & daddy, but we will be pals for the time I am here with them.

Bird sitting here comes with a larger outdoor bird feeder than I can have on my apartment window and I get to enjoy watching the wild birds. I also saw a squirrel (who wouldn’t pose for a photo), and some obvious signs of some bunnies (who I haven’t seen). I got photos of a Bluejay, a Chickadee and a Redpoll who arrived for some food this morning.

Notice that white stuff behind the birds that kind of looks like clouds? That is snow and plenty of it for this time of year (when it should be melting or at least starting to melt).

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