A Different trail in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

I have almost turned into this trail other times thinking it was the Prairie Winds trail and this time I decided I would check it out. This is the Pine Ridge Trail.

The trail isn’t strait like the map of homesteads, but it comes out to the highway later and then you just walk back on the same track.

It was a very short walk to the Kudlowich homestead. It is the only homestead left on the trail, but it looks like there were several neighbours along this trail.

Some of the photos have been cropped to fit, but can be seen in full by clicking.

Continuing along the trail.

I thought I was close to the end of the trail because I could hear traffic and I know the far end is right at the road. So, I turned back and headed back to the car. When I got back to this little bridge, I was ambushed by Chickadees. πŸ™‚

After getting back to my car, I drove to Prairie Winds to have another walk.

Although it was cloudy today, it was a beautiful day for a walk. The temperature was a record high for today’s date. I know it reached 6C and may have been higher.

My FitBit tells me that I walked 3.4 miles or 5.5 km this morning.

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