A Day in the Life

Today I got to spend a few hours with my little buddy – Coconut! His family was going to be away for much of the day and as he is aging, he has developed problems with his eyes. He needs regular drops in each eye a few times a day. Of course, I was willing to look after the little guy.

On my way to see Coconut, I stopped at Assiniboine Park and took a few photos there.

The family let me know about a couple of bird nests in the yard, so as well as Coconut photos, I also have some bird photos plus a sweet little baby bunny that spent some time in the yard.

I didn’t have a lot of luck with the Robin’s nest. There are at least 3 babies in it, but shooting between the leaves & branches into a very shady spot was not easy. One photo is better than the rest though, so here it is.

The House Sparrows are still building their nest inside a bird house. They were not shy about their preparations for a new family.

Pelican flew overhead.

Of course, I can’t forget the adorable little Coconut and the sweet little baby bunny who didn’t mind us watching him. Coconut was comfortable laying in the grass. It was a cloudy day and he snoozed while I took photos of the birds.

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