A Short Walk on a Foggy Morning

I had a couple of things on my mind when I headed out this morning. So far I have not found the Cardinals in the English Garden or Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park plus I really needed a new pair of shoes. First was a quick stop at Starbucks to get a Chai Latte since they were offering an extra 25 stars today and I took my Latte along with me while I walked around the English Gardens.

It was foggy and there was obviously no sign of the sun – making duller photos than usual, but I thought that might bring the Cardinals out. They are bright enough on their own to make up for no sun.

I did see a flash of red – but it wasn’t a Cardinal.

No Cardinals around and I wanted to get my shoes before the outlet mall got too busy – so I headed over there. I’ll try again on another day.

They look so nice & clean.

As long as we have this mild winter, I’ll probably continue to wear my old pair since they are already dirty.

Oh – today just happens to be exactly one year since my fall that resulted in a broken shoulder. That day was also a dull day, but it wasn’t foggy – just slippery.

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