A Winter Visit to Beaudry Provincial Park

My first visit to Beaudry Provincial Park was early spring last year. Before then I hadn’t even known about it. I returned a couple of times during the summer, but only wrote the one post on my first visit. This morning I decided to do a winter walk there.

Doesn’t look to be much of a trail, but maybe it will be in better shape once I’m into the trees. I did see plenty of cross country ski tracks going off to the right and I didn’t want to walk in those, so I cut across here where there were some tracks of people walking.
I’m into the trees now, but still no path to walk on. I’ll keep going though since the snow isn’t too deep.
I’m coming to an opening ahead, but not holding out much hope that I’ll find a groomed path to walk on here today.
I walked out to the clearing and then back again. You can see my tracks in the snow. Out in the open, it was just the wind and me, so I retraced my steps. There were other cars parked in the parking lot, but I guess they were all skiers.

I didn’t see or hear any birds or other critters, but in the spring, I remember that there were plenty of birds as well as squirrels and I did see signs of deer also on my previous trips.

On the way back to my car, I stopped for a photo of the sun rising behind the trees.

I don’t know if they sometimes groom any trails for walking or if this park is just for cross-country skiers during the winter. All the skiers I saw actually just went down to and along the river, so it would be nice if they groomed the forest trails for walkers. I was wearing my sneakers (as usual), and my feet were getting a bit wet & cold plowing through the snow, so that was enough for me today. I’ll return in the spring.

As always, it is nice to get away from the city and into nature for awhile anyway.

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