Planes and Boats and Bzzz

We have a little combination of items here today. Yesterday, under a beautiful blue sky, I watched a plane pass over the Red River when  Chester and I were walking.    There were no critters around to get pictures of – so I took a picture of the plane.  I didn’t recognize the markings on it,… Continue reading Planes and Boats and Bzzz

May 30th

It did get very chilly last night.  It was just 1C when I got up in the morning.  My plants and flowers were fine, but tonight they are predicting a possible rain or snow!  I am hoping for the rain. This morning started out with a workout at the Y, followed by breakfast at Paladins. … Continue reading May 30th

Its a Dog Day

Today is pretty much devoted to Dakota and Chester.    🙂 After my workout at the Y and breakfast at the Red Top, the dogs and I plowed through the fresh snow and went for a walk.  The temperature is so much better than it has been for the last week so we had a nice… Continue reading Its a Dog Day