Catch Up

Between the move and my upcoming vacation, I haven’t been around here much lately and I apologize for that – but it will be awhile before things get back to normal (whatever that is) again. To fill you in – I have moved, although still unpacking.  Hopefully I will be finished unpacking before I leave… Continue reading Catch Up

Unpacking & Chester’s Adjustments

I dislike unpacking much more than packing.  I still have several boxes to unpack, but I don’t seem to be finding the items I want.  They must all be in the bottom boxes.  That is my push to keep going, I guess. I still have to pack more at the house to bring over and… Continue reading Unpacking & Chester’s Adjustments

We’re Moved

My move – in pictures.  🙂 There is obviously much to do yet, but with all the boxes piled in the den, I can work through it while the rest of the apartment is semi decent looking.  The problem in the bedroom is that they could not get the bed frame downstairs without taking it… Continue reading We’re Moved

Computer Problem

There have been a few things going on around here – one of which made posting here a little difficult. My computer crashed.  This computer is about 2 1/2 years old and has Windows 7.  When I bought it I bought the warranty with a monthly payment.  This allowed me to take the computer home… Continue reading Computer Problem