Chester and the Kestrel

Not that  Chester and the Kestrel ever got together, but I have something to tell you about Chester and I saw the bird that may be a Kestrel again. Chester woke me up this morning at 5:45 when he had a seizure.  It only lasted a minute or 2, but it has been several years… Continue reading Chester and the Kestrel


With luck, we will have a thunderstorm this morning or afternoon and the temperature will drop some.  The temperature only dropped to 24C last night and with the high humidity it feels like 34C (93F) at 7am.  Right now, they are only predicting 30C (feels like around 40C, which is 104F),because of the expected rain.… Continue reading Thunderstorm?

Birds, Birds, Birds

Everywhere I looked on our walk along the Red River and even away from the river, I saw birds.  A lot of ducks, but other birds too.  It was 12C when Chester and I set out on our walk.  We took a little detour along the way – to check out a bird (of course).… Continue reading Birds, Birds, Birds

Peregrine Falcons and the Lawnmower Story

I guess I was assuming too much when the forecast indicated warm and dry weather for today.  I ran around and did my errands in the morning, expecting that the lawn would be dry in the afternoon, so I could cut it.   I barely got home and dragged out the mower when thunder and raindrops… Continue reading Peregrine Falcons and the Lawnmower Story

April 4th

Happy Easter!   🙂 We’re having beautiful weather today.  Of course, after finding snow on the ground yesterday morning, it doesn’t take too much to make me happy, so the shining sun and warmer temperatures are fine. Last night at Nkorho waterhole on Africam, we had a hippo visit and spend a few hours having a… Continue reading April 4th

July 3rd

Another beautiful day here – I love the mid 20’s C.   🙂 Happy 4th of July weekend to all my American friends. Nothing exciting on our walk this morning – just a nice walk on a sunny morning.  I got my grocery shopping done, but before leaving to do that, I put my squirrel trap… Continue reading July 3rd

July 1st – Happy Canada Day

So, the day is almost over by the time I got started on today’s entry – but it is still Canada Day and still time to be HAPPY!      🙂 The weather is great – not too hot, just comfortable shirt sleeve weather. It is 21C right now and I am not even sure… Continue reading July 1st – Happy Canada Day

June 19th

Today wasn’t a bad day temperature wise.  It was 19C this morning when the dogs and I walked and this afternoon (or I guess its evening now – where did the day go), it is 23C.  It has been threatening to rain all day again, but so far not a drop, although it is still… Continue reading June 19th

June 17th

Today is cloudy, a little cooler – 18C right now with a forecast high of 20C and rain showers. The rain is supposed to start in the afternoon and then rain all the rest of the day. If is is raining when I am ready to leave for work, I will take the car –… Continue reading June 17th