I have mentioned Kiva before, as I have been loaning money through them to help support new or expanding family businesses for several years. You can find Kiva here. If you haven’t read my previous posts, what happens is that people (myself included) can make a portion of a loan requested.  The minimum loan is… Continue reading Kiva

This and That

Wow – it was 14C under a sunny sky with just a light breeze for this morning’s walk.  It has been so long in coming this year that it doesn’t seem real to be so nice out – LOL When Chester and I were taking our walk, there were bunches of kids running along there… Continue reading This and That

Tuesday, Tuesday

I was going to post this yesterday, but would have had to call it Monday, Monday – but since there is a song called Monday, Monday and I didn’t want to break any copyright rules – so I had to wait for Tuesday.  So – today is Tuesday and the snow is finally starting to… Continue reading Tuesday, Tuesday


I have talked about Kiva before, but thought it was worth talking about again. Through Kiva, you can lend money to a person who usually just needs a very small amount (by our standards) to get their business going or improve their business enough to support themselves and/or their family.  You can loan as little… Continue reading Kiva


I have been associated with for some time now.  This is an organization that allows for small businesses to take out loans, using money from several different lenders.  Many lenders just lend small amounts (as I have been doing).  You choose the person, business or group of people that you wish to loan your… Continue reading Kiva