Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

This morning I heard the unmistakable sound of Blue Jays outside my window.  This is the first time I’ve heard (or seen) any Blue Jays since I moved here.  I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures through the balcony windows.  Guess I’ll have to clean these windows one day. Actually, the windows didn’t mess… Continue reading Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

MTS and the Snow

I have ranted about MTS before – so no need to go into past problems with them.  I have a new problem with them now and I am not even a customer (never will be again either). Near me are those lovely green MTS boxes, full of wires and connections, etc.  I see people there… Continue reading MTS and the Snow

The Road Home

The road home from work lately has been full of construction delays and detours.  I live very close to work – with it being about a 5 minute drive there and about a 7 minute drive home.  The drive there is all right turns and the drive home is all left turns. Since the construction… Continue reading The Road Home

Red River and a Rant

I know the Red River is flowing now, but I didn’t expect to find rowers on it this morning.  But there they were.  🙂 It still isn’t warming up here.  As I write this it is almost noon and the temperature is -3C, but the snow and ice are melting.  🙂 My rant has nothing… Continue reading Red River and a Rant

How Many Days Was That?

I am counting back to last Saturday and it seems to be more than 2 days since the city was supposed to contact me to let me know why they were digging in my yard.  Have I mentioned how frustrating it is trying to contact a city department here? Someone’s decision years ago to centralize… Continue reading How Many Days Was That?

More Yellow Birds

Yesterday, I had 2 different yellow birds hold a post long enough for pictures.  I just managed to snap one of the Yellow Warbler and then I was surprised to get a few pictures of the American Goldfinch.  🙂 I normally zoom till it stops and sometimes even less if I really want to at… Continue reading More Yellow Birds

Chore Day

This was really a vacation day, but I used it for chores.  The grass needed cutting, the windows needed washing and some bushes needed trimming.  There is still a tree that needs a drastic trim job, but I wasn’t ready to tackle that today. My walk with Chester along the Red River was very uneventful… Continue reading Chore Day

Are Rants Pointless?

A topic suggestion today from Word Press is: “Write a rant about the pointlessness of rants” Since I do an occasional rant in here, I feel that I should answer this one – but my answer isn’t about rants being pointless.  My rants always have points!   Maybe they are just points to me – but… Continue reading Are Rants Pointless?